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Chances are if you've stopped by here, you wanna ask me some questions, so ask away! Oh, and you're my friend now. Deal with it.

It's gotten really crowded here lately, so I guess you can ask the others some questions...

I currently live in sucks...

PS: I'm gonna make Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna my personal waifus one day

So what now?
ask-nopony: Is there a complete collection of these emotion picture cards?

There was gonna be one, based off of THIS post, but I became lazy and never finished it, like a lot of my drawings and ideas. :c

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askaridiculousfanpony: Ha! Now you're a NNEERRRDDDDD *adjusts own glasses*



Fuck damnit askaridiculousfanpony!! You da nerd!


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(and now helix and vixen are both outa questions again.)

Everyone: Give me your booties.

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Life strikes again! So it’s time to open up commissions again!

I’m the artist for these! I go by lovelywaifu here on tumblr and on deviantart. Though a select few will get commissions from a special guest artist!

All commissions will be “grab bag” style. What’s that? Well, it’s actually very simple! You send in any amount of money you’d like - it can be one dollar or fifty, it doesn’t matter! - and give me references/descriptions/etc of the character(s) you’d like featured in your picture. I take your character and make a super awesome picture of them in whatever style or medium strikes me at the time. You may make suggestions of what to do or what not to do but it’ll mostly be whatever first comes to mind. You’re sending your babies on an adventure! I accept commissions of all manner of creature and creation.

Commissions will remain open until the end of September. There’s a small chance they may close before then but I’ll do my best to keep up.

Long story short, I have a health issues that like to pop up at the worse times possible. I’m moving in a month (Sept 24) and still have to pay rent for this coming month in our current place, but I had to burn a lot of money on a doctor visit and pills because I don’t have insurance. I’d like to earn back what I spent on health stuff so that I can make rent and then have some money left for moving expenses and what we’ll owe our new place upon move in.

If you’d like one of my super fab pay what you want commissions, just send me an ask to inquire and I’ll give you all the details of what to do next! Alternately, you can contact me via email at runettarebornATgmailDOTcom. I prefer emails if that sways what method you use, since asks disappear when you answer them. If you have any simple questions, asks are probably better. All payments must be through paypal and payment must be up front!

Thank you for reading!

Current # of commissions in the queue: 2

You dudes should check this out.

When you wanna ask a bunch of silly question to a bunch of blogs but don’t know what to ask and don’t wanna come off as annoying or stupid so you just sit there staring at their asks box

A wonderful friend of mine drew me some Gear as she basically is everyday. In case you dunno what this be, click here~

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A wonderful friend of mine drew me some Gear as she basically is everyday. In case you dunno what this be, click here~

Funny pants :D

W-wait, really? I have that many followers?

D..did I do good? Am I in trouble? I really gotta find out a way to show I appreciate all of you precious darlings! A-ah..


You’re a horrible babysitter Rush, and a terrible liar. apples?




Heck yeah I love eggs! <333

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