Listen up! My name is Starlight Marie Gear, and I'm the best Ridiculous OC Mary Sue Recolor Fanfic Expert extraordinaire you could imagine! Don't argue cause I'll just prove you wrong with my laser vision THAT I TOTALLY HAVE!

Chances are if you've stopped by here, you wanna ask me some questions, so ask away! Oh, and you're my friend now. Deal with it.

It's gotten really crowded here lately, so I guess you can ask the others some questions...

I currently live in sucks...

PS: I'm gonna make Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna my personal waifus one day

So what now?
I hope I’m doing this right.. ahem! Happy Easter everyone! Don’t smoke bunnies and pet lots of drugs!

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I hope I’m doing this right.. ahem! Happy Easter everyone! Don’t smoke bunnies and pet lots of drugs!


Ok. I drew your SUPER cute and cool oc.

This is awesome. I will have to draw a thing too. Especially since the thing I was tellin ya ta draw is cool and not silly fanpony. I will repay you though, yes.

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freelancerraiko: Dear Mod: I think I'm instantly in love with this blog. I hate you for that. lol.

Don’t worry. Yer love won’t last long. I’ve been known to disappoint :D

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I dunno why


but piercings make people really attractive alkgjhdkjfg

Am I attractive yet?

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What would be considered a good “up to date” tablet and how can I get one for cheapo creepo?

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She doesn’t have to take that from a tree.

(Gear may be the star of this blog, but let’s face it: She’s both stupid and blue. So from time to time we can focus on Fanpony’s friends..and Princess Luna for whatever reason, in some FILLER TIME!)

askaridiculousfanpony: What would you do without such a sweet stache?


O-oh my goodness! If I wore panties they’d slip right off right now!

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She knows how to twerk too. 

And big news! Ol’ Hades is getting a huge overhaul! No more di*kwad ruler goat god. Nope, now he’s just as silly as the rest! Also from now on I’m gonna be collaborating with Medusa Pony who is totally in on these jokes 100%

And as an aside, guess who got Goat Simulator? NOT ME >:C

I-I’m not sure why you’re me this link? M-maybe you mistook me for someone cool?

A-anyway. I gotta go drop off this loot that I just so happened to have found…

After all, the number one priority of this blog is so I can have Twilight and Princess Luna all to myself!….

The second priority is to hopefully brighten someone’s day with my silliness. As for my art..well’s sorta just a mishmash of a few other artist I admire all poorly shoved into one.

Screw anatomy by the way. We don’t need that spit!